Porto Vecchio Trieste
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Great sea stories

A global sea

The individual stories of the Gulf of Trieste are not just episodes of local history, but part of a larger network illustrated here by models of various ships that played leading roles in significant historic events.

Although the term globalisation is of very recent origin, the ability to unite distant parts of the globe and create networks of traffic, and hence of knowledge and skills, arose at the very moment that men began to navigate long distances and create lasting connections between different ports and cultures.

Events along these global routes were destined to profoundly change the lives not only of those who experienced them, but also of those who followed – events and stories that became part of a global heritage, and ships that everyone remembers such as the Endeavour, which carried out the first scientific mission in the Pacific Ocean between 1768 and 1771 under the command of James Cook, laying the foundations for further British colonial expansion; or the Beagle, which afforded Charles Darwin the opportunity to develop his theory of the origin of species in his expedition to South America.

Beagle - Brigantino a palo inglese del 1820, modello, anni Ottanta del XX secolo
Beagle - English brig, 1820 Wooden model, 1980s INV. 1450

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